Thursday, July 20, 2017

A lie and a quarter log cabin WIP

After thinking about my last post, I realized that I am not done making pineapple log cabin blocks. I currently have 24, so there are more to make!

And here is my photographic proof of a finished scrappy quarter log cabin quilt top:

WIP: Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin

photo credit-Jeni Baker (Thanks, Jeni!)

WIP: Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin

I think I will share my current pile of finished tops next, in hopes that it will motivate me to get quilting!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few strip scrap WIPs

Lately, I have been extra obsessed with sewing from my strip scraps. I have four strip WIPs right now.

Two WIPs

There's the scrappy quarter log cabin (I assembled the top this past weekend in Wisconsin! Photographic proof soon!). I made 56 10.5 inch blocks using all kinds of color.

WIP: June quilt

Then there's the June quilt, from Amanda Jean's new book, No Scrap Left Behind. I have the top partially assembled, and I hope to finish it pretty soon. For this one, I cut a big pile of strips into the size she called for, which sped up the sewing process.

WIP: squares and squares

I also started a more selective log cabin project a few weeks ago. I'm using reds, neutrals, browns and yellows, and I've got ten blocks finished.

This color palette inspired me to make a pillow for Chase recently (I'll share that soon!), and then led to these blocks.

FO: Panache Compass Bag

Still life with pineapple blocks

Finally, there are my scrappy pineapple blocks. I have the blocks finished, so I just need to stitch them together for a finished top!

With all of these projects, I still have the itch to work with my strips (and they never seem to deplete), so I am sure I will start a few more projects with them before the year is out.
And that brings me great comfort.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

As soon as I finished my first Magic Stars quilt, I knew I wanted to make another. And honestly, now that the second one is done, I can totally see myself making one in every color!
It is so much fun choosing prints, pressing and cutting them, and then pairing and sewing.
And then, it really is magical as the blocks start to form!
Did you know I love yellow? I do.

Pattern is here from Aneela

We will see how long I can wait before starting Magic Stars #3.

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